Photo Gallery

These photos, mostly from my collection, but also from the collection of Association Chaplin and the Charlie Chaplin archive, are just a sample of what will adorn the upcoming biography.  Click on an image to make it larger!


Models for Syd's Clothing Line, 1917

"The Missing Link" 1927

Karno Cast for "The Hydro"

"Skirts" program, 1927

"Charley's Aunt" 1925

On the French Riviera, ca. 1932

Warner Pub shot with dogs, 1927

Warner Pub Shot with Dogs II, 1927

Syd on board ship, ca. 1927

Syd and one of his Curtiss "Jennies," 1919

"Man on the Box" program

Keystone Pub Photo, 1915

Syd & his Mercer

Syd Pub Photo I

Syd Pub Photo II

Syd Pub Photo III

Syd Pub Photo IV

Syd Pub Photo V

Syd Pub Photo VI

Syd Pub Photo VII

Hand-painted tobacco leaf